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Learn the Lingo

Interested in one of our plans? Want to join our team? Have a question? Lets find a solution!

Senior Virtual Assistant (SVA)

Senior Virtual Assistants are virtual assistants with extensive executive/administrative assistance experience.  Senior Virtual Assistants serve as liaisons to Clients on every Third-Party Virtual Assistance Service Plan.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

Virtual Assistants are executive/administrative assistants that perform office duties via the web or mobile.  They are not in person administrative assistants.

Specialized Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants with non-administrative skills but specialize in more definitive actions such as web and graphic design, legal filings, etc.

Service Plan

Services Plans customize the duties of your Senior VA, VA, and/or Specialized Virtual Assistant so the Client knows exactly what virtual assistant services they are getting, for how long, and for how much.

User (Client)

Any purchaser of a Service Plan.


Duties of any Senior VA, VA, or Specialist that fall within the scope of that Clients’ current Service Plan.

Task Request

Any message sent by a Client to their designated 3PVA Senior VA or VA requesting any task within the scope of the Clients' Service Plan, be completed. 

Speedy Response Time

Senior VA's respond to Clients' Task Requests within 30 to 60 minutes of the Clients' message.  Task Completions within 24 hours of Clients' request (1-4 Task Completions within a 24-hour Task Completion window).

Hard Review System

Ensures all tasks returned to the Client are 100% accurate and to the Clients' satisfaction.

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